Online Rabbi

Online Rabbi

The locations at which one can learn Judaism are constantly changing, and it is up to the student to do their due diligence to find a competent rabbi or school. The only problem is that old-school Jews associate some stigma with online Jewish schools because they think it is impossible to get the same experience.

More people are becoming more aware that online Judaism lessons are now more controlled, and it is possible to get a high-quality education that will reshape your mind and real life. We help you navigate a series of ways to choose an online Rabbi to get the kinds of lessons you can also get in a traditional setting.

Tips of choosing the best online Rabbi to learn about Judaism online

They have face-to-face lessons

The best way to find a Rabbi is to pick one that still offers face-to-face lessons, even in a virtual space. You want to find teachers who have the same interests as you, and they will allow you to speak with them and ask questions for real-time answers. You will begin to understand that virtual rooms with real-time communications have a lot of potential for genuine spiritual growth because you get to speak with real people who are enough proof of your faith and way of life.

They have an open-space policy

The old sense of Judaism focused on people who lived in Israel or real connections and ties to the lifestyle. It is backward to assume the same thing now, because technology has opened us up to a world of people who actively seek the wisdom and comfort that comes with the religion. You want to choose a Rabbi that is open to helping you explore the Jewish texts even if you do not have previous experience. Simchat is aware of its impact on people worldwide and is open to creating a space where newcomers can access knowledge without discrimination.

They have digital resources

Traditional Judaism was all about using manual scripts to share messages and ideas. This old teaching method was practical because the texts would reach people living in small communities, and they would circulate them around everyone or talk to one another about the knowledge until they were all living under the same accord.

Now, the world is in a completely different phase where we are isolated due to the pandemic, and the Jewish community is scattered worldwide. All kinds of schools have explored the idea of sending content via the Internet so that millennials and Gen Z can continue their education. Consider choosing a Rabbi with similar online Jewish classes because they will have the digital material you need despite your location.

Trust your instincts

Are you comfortable speaking with the Rabbi for online Jewish learning? Often, people settle for teachers who look good on people but do not connect with the student. Rabbis have comparatively similar knowledge, but each individual will feel different from each person. Listen to how each potential one makes you feel, and always go for the one who seems like the better logical and instinctual fit. Call 1-866-867-2488 for personalized consultation.


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